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Boulder Exteriors provides home exterior siding services throughout Central Minnesota. Our service uses ultra-durable LP Siding. Enhanced installation quality will increase the value of your home. We do every job non-invasively, with more respect for your home and less mess on your lawn.

Why We Choose LP Siding

Our team relies on LP Siding because we believe it’s the best product available to homeowners. Over the decades that we’ve been installing home siding, we haven’t found a single product that offers the same advantages as LP SmartSide Siding.

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Faster to Install

LP Siding features longer cuts and a lighter weight, making it much quicker to install for our team. It saves time on cutting each piece and allows us to take less time on each project. With these perks, we deliver your finished product in a fraction of the time.

Fewer Seams and Cuts

Fewer seams and cuts lead to a sleeker appearance for your home. Pieces of LP Siding are much longer than their competitors and will look great at the end of the project. Fewer seams also protect your home from the elements and creates a more solid barrier.

Extremely Lightweight

Each piece of our siding is lightweight. Lightweight pieces are more cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and easier to handle for homeowners. A lighter weight also helps our team move faster and finish your project sooner.

Advanced Durability

Minnesota winters are often damaging to siding. Each piece is almost completely hail-proof and can stand up to extreme weather. Advanced durability will also lead to less breakages in your siding over time.

Color Matching and Customization

LP offers multiple color options to match your home’s exterior. You can also opt to have each piece installed with only a primer, allowing you or us to paint it any color you choose.

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