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Custom Decks in Central Minnesota

Minnesota weather isn’t always kind to the outside of your home. Boulder Exteriors offers lasting, maintenance-free decks for any style of home. Learn more about building a home addition that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

What Makes a Maintenance Free Deck?

Rather than spending time maintaining your deck, you can spend time enjoying your deck. You’ll enjoy spending time on your new deck for 50 years or more without added costs or replacements.

Building With High-Quality Materials

Most decks from our competitors last 20 if they’re lucky. It’s easy to extend the lifespan to over 50 years with better materials and professional installation. The steel framing, fewer support posts, minimal exposed fasteners, and aluminum railings create a deck that is both durable and beautiful.

Helical Pier Footings from a Certified Installer

Boulder Exteriors builds supports that last a lifetime. We do this by driving helical footings into the packed soil beneath your home. In Minnesota, regular footings suffer from frost-heaving, where cold weather causes soil expansion and a shift in your deck’s footings. Helical footings won’t frost-heave, leave less mess, and result in less hassle for your deck.


Honest Pricing

You won’t have any surprise costs or additional fees when you partner with Boulder Exteriors. We make a commitment to provide the most upfront pricing information for every build. Once you sign the dotted line, every detail of your build is maintenance-free, including our pricing.

Financing Made Easy with Hearth Financial

Adding a custom deck can drastically increase your property value and give you a fantastic spot to enjoy your home. To help with your investment, Boulder Exteriors partners with Hearth Financial. Applying with Hearth won’t affect your credit score, and you’ll understand your financing options in a matter of minutes.

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